Prayed up

In the middle of the night sometime last week, I woke up and said a prayer. And I prayed pretty hard. Not wanting to wake up my husband, I whispered my problems to my creator. I asked for help with the two things that were bothering me.

You see, in the past, when I had lost control of things, I prayed and it had helped. I must stress that sometimes my prayers are not answered but most of the time it was. For me, anytime I need guidance or I am in deep trouble, I pray. I lay it out there. It is not a religious thing; it works for me so I do it.

I remember Oprah Winfrey once telling her audience how she got the part of Sofia in the film The Colour Purple. She talked about how she prayed and sang the song, “I Surrender All” over and over again until her desire to desperately be in the film was dissolved. Immediately this happened, she got the phone call offering her the part.
For me, one of the things I wanted was more exposure for Kemikids. I wanted more people to discover the amazing thing we are doing. And guess what? It is happening faster than I can imagine. God is doing it because I have surrendered all to him.

I was wondering if like me,  do you pray when all avenues are covered and you don’t know what to do? When things are out of control? When you are just tired of fighting? Finally, what is the difference between prayers and meditation?